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Our Top 5 Bucket List Items For 2022


As of this writing, our 2021 year has been a very busy introduction to travel. We have visited six countries for about a month in each country and we have loved it! We have been getting more used to creating content and posting content for our readers. And as we head into 2022, we are planning the new year to be the best year for all of us. We still have a lot of planning to do in terms of where to stay of what to see and do, but here is our list of the top 5 must-do items for 2022! These aren’t for sure yet, but we wanted to share them as a quick sneak peek.

Beach in Makarska, Croatia


  1. Sunbathing in Croatia 

Our year will start with leaving Paris and heading to Croatia! We must spend three months out of the EU and have decided to stay in the Balkan region for the entire three months! We chose Croatia for its natural beauty and warmer weather during the spring. We are hoping for some sun during March and April to sunbathe and relax for a while. I know that Don is very excited to try his hand at either sea kayaking or river kayaking. 2021 has been hectic with moving around a lot, so we are very excited to slow down some and enjoy every drop of sunshine.

Imagine Swimming at this Beach in Zakynthos, Greece
  1. Swimming in the Mediterranean/Adriatic Seas

This goes with Croatia, but we also want to spend some time in the sea. We have talked about renting a boat for a while and spending time out in the water for long periods of time. The sea looks gorgeous, and while we haven’t seen it, yet we are super hyped for putting our bathing suits on! We will be in Croatia and Italy this Spring-Summer (not fully decided yet), which will be the perfect time to get some swimming in. We cannot wait to see the Amalfi coast!

Florence – Statue of David
  1. Exploring Florence

Summer is the peak time for tourism and traveling in Europe, so we scheduled Italy for three months! We have been dreaming about exploring Rome, Florence, and Venice for quite some time now, but we are most excited to visit Florence. The natural beauty of the region and the towns look beautiful to visit. It will be the perfect place to relax and unwind. There is so much to explore and do around Florence, which is why we want to visit it so badly in 2022.

Hiking the Mountains of Madeira, Portugal! We Can’t Wait to Get There!
  1. Hiking Up the Mountains of Madeira

This whole experiment of traveling the world and posting it to grow on social media started with us looking into moving to Madeira, Portugal.  Madeira checked all our boxes, mountains, water, beaches, surfing, city life, and more. Madeira is our most anticipated destination, and we are super excited to go hiking there. The mountains are tall, and you can see past the clouds in many places. It is a dream destination because of its immense beauty and gorgeous mountain tops. They call it the “Island of Eternal Spring” and compare it to Hawaii. We hope to spend another 2-3 months on this beautiful island, which is closer to Africa than to Portugal!

Village on Amalfi Coast, Italy. Just WOW!
  1. Driving the Amalfi Coast

Up and down Italy (on the left side of the “boot”) is the Amalfi Coast, a beautiful stretch of land with all the clear blue waters and small Italian town with vibes you could die for. We have wanted to drive down this coast for quite some time now, thinking about all the cute little towns we could visit. In photos and videos, it always looks stunning and the perfect place to have some adventures and make memories.



While this year has been beyond our dreams or even what we expected, we are even more excited for what next year has to offer. So, I hope you have had some fun looking at our sneak peek for next year and are getting ready for some excellent content!

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