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I am so glad you are reading in an area of the website that few people ever venture. Like you, I love learning new things! You may see throughout my website and in my blog posts and in other places, like social media, links that go to outside sources. These links are sometimes referred to as an affiliate link. This means that I could potentially earn money if you click on those links and/or buy something as a result of those clicks/links.

You can rest easy knowing that if I do refer you to an outside source, it is because I believe in the product and/or service. If I find something that I think is awesome, I want to share it with You! The money I earn through various affiliate marketing links is just another way that I can make a little more money so that I can continue our Service. I love making recommendations, but only after research and, whenever possible, I test the product or service out before making such a recommendation. I truly enjoy connecting my readers with products and services that can make a difference in their lives, however minor. For these reasons, please consider using my affiliate links as it greatly helps me out! Thank you!