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A Very Brief Review of British Airways

Edith previously flew British Airways when she flew with Marissa Martinez to France to surprise Marissa’s mom, Fabiola Armenta and other family members. They thoroughly enjoyed their flight and they had no issues at all.We too used British Airways (BA) to fly from Houston to London. The price was competitive and we made our reservations online. I believe that by booking well in advance, we secured much better pricing.

Once we were confirmed, BA offered us entry into their “Executive Club” for free. It was a nice gesture, but I am pretty sure that I will never accumulate the points necessary to actually buy even chewing gum. Ok – disclaimer – I don’t think they really sell chewing gum.

Before we left for Mexico, British Airways cancelled our trip for an unknown reason. This was surprising and a bit alarming. However, we rolled with it and we were soon able to secure another flight for a similar price.

So, we thought we were all set to go as soon as we returned from Mexico. We were wrong. Because Mexico had turned “Red” on the Covid-19 scale, we had to postpone our trip. The first thing we did was check their available flights. YES! They have a flight available! NO! We will not be paying an addition $35,000 for the flight.

Edith called British Airways repeatedly. Their phone system did not provide good customer service – even when the recorded voice said everything in that fancy British way of speaking English. In fact, their phone system would simply hang up on you when it got overwhelmed.

Fortunately, Edith was finally able to get to a real live person. This time, the English accent was able to solve our problem. He was extremely helpful, and he was able to get us booked on another flight that cost only slightly more than our original flight.

Upon our departure, the crew ended up a bit late when someone locked the crew van and no one could open it. Another van arrived and a disaster was averted. I must say that the crew and pilots repeatedly apologized for the slight delay.

Edith purchased the four of us extra legroom. On that 9-hour flight, having the extra leg room really made us more comfortable. The seats were great and they reclined very well. In our seats, we found a pouch with socks and eye masks for sleep. We also had great sets of headphones to watch the many movies that were available. And the game selections that were available were amazing. From Asteroids – to Pacman – to multi-player games that Nathan and I could play against each other. He would probably want me to mention that he was the Battleship game winner!

Let’s talk about food. Fairly quickly, we had dinner. They offered a chicken dish or a vegetarian Ravioli. Nathan said the chicken was “ok”, but I thought the Ravioli had a pretty good flavor. I hate to admit that I liked this vegetarian dish as I somehow believe that it makes me less Texan ….. but, it was good! We also had breakfast the next morning. Nathan and I agree that it was ok, but not great. I would say that the flight attendants were extremely attentive and fun to talk to.

Getting off the plane was very organized and everyone waited their turn. And, finally, I knew that British Airways “had” me when the flight attendant looked up and told me “Cheerio” as I passed by with my bags.

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